Where Leaders Collaborate To Innovate

The Agora Group is a leading educational advisory institute dedicated to executive thought leadership exchange, business transformation and technology innovation through each of our Agora Assemblies.


What we do

After years of cultivating relationships and listening to the needs of our members, Agora created an educational arena encouraging executives to challenge and be challenged by one another— fostering and inspiring true innovation. Our belief is that innovation is sparked by sustained collaboration and dialogue. Assemblies, web chats, networking events and other forums are fantastic opportunities to share information and meet like-minded executives, but as discrete events they are limited in their ability to sustain engagement.

Key action 1


Real-time insights from industry thought-leaders exploring the most disruptive topics

Key action 2


Networking opportunities engineered to facilitate key conversations

Key action 3

Knowledge Transfer

Like-minded leaders discussing today’s key challenges and opportunities

Upcoming Assemblies

Our Agora Assemblies focus on nurturing mind sharing through a series of panels, roundtable discussions, and case study presentations from distinguished fellows of academia, award-winning authors, and key IT executives from public and private enterprise.

Agora Executive Advisory Board

The Agora Group builds those bridges to allow ideas to grow and foster before, during, and after events. Assembly outputs are discussed in our executive web chats, which yield concepts for a future panel discussion, which prompt product and process ideas, which deliver efficient, leading-edge technologies and operations to participating organizations. Agora professionals are experienced and expert in bringing together industry leading technology executives. We are now extending that expertise to weave together disparate events and forums. We are dedicated to building a continuous, engaged dialogue flow between the most prominent leaders in industry, academia, and technology.